More Results - Less Time.

Accelerate and Amplify Fitness Recovery.

Redfit is the world's first multi-energy infrared gym for workout & fitness recovery - includes 12 natural energies, and adjustable full spectrum chromolights (red, yellow, green, blue) choose from 2 sizes: the 7ft x 6ft RedFit iGym (1-2 persons), Or the 9ft x 7ft RedFit Room (3-4 persons). 

Featuring Canadian Hemlock wood, premium infrared heaters, built-in Smart TV for fitness videos, and entertainment inlaid jade gemstones, multi-chromolight LED stations, Himalayan salt tiles, and a Bluetooth speaker system, the Redfit Room & iGym are the gold standard for accelerated thermal workouts, recovery and wellness.
Enjoy a fully immersive & luxurious thermal workout infrared gym & full spectrum chromolight experience
Achieve greater workout & recovery results 
through hyperthermic conditioning
Flexible configuration for
business or home use
Embrace fitness recovery and an active lifestyle. Gym/yoga
studio, hot cycling, and great meditation & mindfulness.
RedFit Room Features

Be one of the first adopters in the new Gold Standard for greater recovery using hyperthermic-conditioning and accelerated fitness recovery thermal workouts. 

Canadian Hemlock Wood Walls & Structure

16 Multi-Chromo Red, Yellow, Green or Blue Light  Full Spectrum Modules 
8 Ceiling White LED Lights 
Bluetooth Sound System
29 Far Infrared Carbon & Genuine Jade gemstone Heaters
450 Natural Jade Gemstones
16 Back-Lit Himalayan Salt Tiles
4 Air Intake Fans
Built-in Smart TV for Interactive Fitness Videos 

FREE Portable Benches (seat 7-8 persons)
FREE Freight Shipping Included
FREE Factory On-Site Installation & Training



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The Redfit Room is the largest and most immersive infrared gym thermal workout experience in the market. Explore new opportunities for accelerated fitness recovery and improved wellness, recovery, and exercise.


In just 10-20 minutes, energizing thermal workouts in the RedFit infrared heated gym with multi-color full spectrum chromolights, can help you achieve more results in less time and greater than twice the workout benefits with more natural sweating, measurable fitness recovery , flexibility, uplifting clarity & longer-lasting caloric burn. 

Himalayan Salt fitted walls

Optional Bench Additions

TV Mount & Smart TV

Cleansing Hot Yoga

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Sweat More, Burn More

Perfect for hyperthermic-conditioning and thermal Infrared Workouts, Relax & Recover Activities with "follow along" online expert instruction videos dedicated to specific workout and recovery routines.

More than just another sauna


My Redfit Room has elevated my yoga practice and physical wellness to new heights.

The Redfit iGym transformed my office into a luxurious 63 sq.ft. fitness recovery gym.



Business Owner
Brooklyn, NY

Los Angeles, CA

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More Results, Less Time!

RedFit Room (7ft x 9ft): $27,995 - SAVE $10,000

RedFit iGym (7ft x 6ft): $17,995 - SAVE $9,000

*The RedFit iGym has the same features listed above, with less quantities to account for the size reduction.

RedFit Room: 9' x 7'0" x 7'6" (63 sq.ft.)
RedFit iGym: 7' x 6' x 7'6" (42 sq.ft.)

Perfect for Wellness & Fitness

Control Panel for Temperature and lights


Patented, Designed, Assembled in
Minnesota, USA